Altis from a software developer’s perspective

Bozydar has been a software developer with Altis for two years, focusing on features and application maintenance. We spoke to him to find out what he thinks the main benefits of Altis are and what’s next for the platform and the legal technology industry.

What do you think the main benefits of Altis are for the user?

First of all, everything is online, so it provides firms the option of going paper light, or for those using the Law Society of Scotland’s Smartcard, Paperless. Some of our users do still use paper for part of the process but the ultimate goal is to replace paper with Altis.

The platform also facilitates all the communication between two sides of the conveyancing process so you can see everything regarding a particular transaction in one place.

What features are you working on at the moment?

We are currently working on the communications log, which is a pretty big job. It’s going to have a completely new look and feel.

I’ve also been working on transaction merging – sometimes two versions of the same transaction are set up by the two firms involved in the transaction. It’s a complicated process as we want to ensure no information is duplicated but also that no information is lost.

What are your favourite features to work on?

All developers like working on something new, like the communications log. Although it’s being built into the old application, it will have a new look and feel, and the backend will be new as well.

Is it helpful to receive user feedback to help with the development of the platform?

Yes, solicitors telling us how they really work gives us a better idea of what they need and helps us come up with the solution to their problem. Knowing the whole story from conveyancers is very useful.

There has been a lot of integration between Altis and other platforms over the past year. What would you say are the benefits of integration?

It’s a real benefit to users as they don’t have to go to other platforms – they can do everything in one place.  It’s also beneficial to us as developers, because it gives us the opportunity to work with others, see how they work and what kind of APIs (technology that allows to applications to communicate with each other) they use.

What are the plans for Altis for the rest of 2019 and is there anything you’re looking to change?

Right now, we are working towards more frequent software releases. It’s sometimes difficult when we are working on big projects, which we have been recently, as we can’t release half a feature! But when we have smaller features, we try to release them as soon as possible.

What does the future hold for the legal technology industry?

I hope it moves further towards digitisation – it’s safer and it’s easier to find information. The Registers of Scotland are pushing it more – the registration of land and properties is a digital process now.

If you would like to speak with one of the Altis team about trying our system, get in touch today!