How Altis can help with flexible working

With the rising popularity of flexible working options across different industries, it might be that you or some of the other staff members in your firm would like to work from home sometimes or to adopt slightly different hours to usual. Flexible working and conveyancing Flexible working is a great benefit for employees, but it can sometimes be stressful trying … Read More

Q&A with Angus Niven from Coulters

Coulters, an Edinburgh-based solicitor estate agent, have recently begun trialling the Altis platform to improve their efficiency and the service they can provide to clients. We caught up with one of their solicitors, Angus Niven, to find out about his experience with Altis so far and the importance of technological advancements in the legal industry. Can you tell us about … Read More

The simple steps for signing up to Altis

  Altis offers you the chance to invigorate and revitalise your current conveyancing processes; streamlining your everyday tasks and workflow, allowing you to free up the time to speak to your customers or revise other aspects of your business. In this blog post, we are going to outline the four simple steps for signing up to Altis, showing you just … Read More

Making the most of your limited time

Hour glass - making the most of your time

At Altis we understand that change can be difficult and making the most of your time is really important. Find out exactly how Altis can help save you time.

New Scottish Standard Clauses

The Scottish Standard Clauses (Edition 1), designed to represent a Scotland-wide approach to standard clauses for use in residential conveyancing transactions, came into effect on 5 January 2015 and were replaced by Edition 2 which came into effect on 3 May 2016. It is hoped the Scottish Standard Clauses will lend greater certainty and efficiency in concluding missives than that … Read More

Altis helps the Law Society meet key strategic aim

Lorna Jack Chief Executive Law Society

One of the Law Society’s key strategic aims is to serve our members through a detailed understanding of their needs, providing tools and services which they can use every day. We saw huge potential benefits in having a digital one-stop-shop for conveyancing and also knew there was appetite for this among the profession. The recent legislation allowing solicitors to use … Read More

Altis announces partnership with The Law Society of Scotland

Law Society of Scotland

A new digital platform will be launched throughout Scotland in spring this year, designed to speed up the conveyancing process. This online system, Altis, has been developed by ESPC and BDP Estate Agency Software as a ‘one-stop-shop’ for property solicitors. As we move towards a world where a digital presence is all important, an electronic conveyancing system serves the need … Read More

Positive response to new e-conveyancing programme

ESPC celebrates positive response to innovative new e-conveyancing programme ESPC, the leading property marketing company in East Central Scotland, in partnership with BDP Software for Estate Agencies, is celebrating having reached a major milestone in the development of its new e-conveyancing service – ‘Altis’ the first of its kind in Scotland. The online system has been developed in response to … Read More