Digitisation in the Legal Industry

While the prospect of going paper-light or even paperless may still be elusive for many firms, there is no doubt that conveyancers are increasingly embracing the digital world. Emails are only the beginning of digitisation Recent decades have already seen a significant shift towards digital with emails now being the primary form of communication regarding transactions, rather than letters. But … Read More

Altis from a software developer’s perspective

Bozydar has been a software developer with Altis for two years, focusing on features and application maintenance. We spoke to him to find out what he thinks the main benefits of Altis are and what’s next for the platform and the legal technology industry. What do you think the main benefits of Altis are for the user? First of all, … Read More

Registers of Scotland Digital Transformation Consultation


As you will be aware, the Registers of Scotland (RoS) are in the process of reviewing their business practises, and in particular how digital services will impact their future transformation. As such, they have released a consultation to understand how you feel about the current digital services and to help find out how you envision the further digitisation of other … Read More

How to keep your data safe

Keep your business data safe

Keeping your business data safe online is a growing concern for many businesses. Follow our top tips for data security for your business.