Improving the customer experience

Keeping the customer at the core of a business, and making sure that they have a positive experience, has never been so important. The public both expect and demand instant gratification and an immediate response to any query, no matter how difficult that can sometimes be.

The client login system, which is available through Altis, has been designed just for this. The simple tool offers more choice and flexibility in the way firms communicate with clients by allowing them to view their transaction information on a secure, customised dashboard from any device, anywhere, at any time.

Firms will have complete control over what information is shown and in what detail, however, it provides their clients with the immediacy that they desire and allows clients to be fully empowered in the status of their conveyancing transaction.

The facility can be used not only for status updates, but also to share, send and approve documents, therefore creating efficiencies in the process which should help to reduce workloads and lead times.

As consumers continue to demand immediate updates, swift transfers of knowledge and a faster pace to traditional workflows it is important to ensure that businesses embrace technology and allow themselves to retain high levels of customer satisfaction.