Registers of Scotland Digital Transformation Consultation


As you will be aware, the Registers of Scotland (RoS) are in the process of reviewing their business practises, and in particular how digital services will impact their future transformation. As such, they have released a consultation to understand how you feel about the current digital services and to help find out how you envision the further digitisation of other services. The consultation closes on 22nd February 2017.

If you have not already responded, I would urge you to do so. The consultation survey can be completed here:

This consultation is extremely important, both for your own business activities in the future and Altis.

The importance of the consultation

I firmly believe that future digitisation work completed by RoS will have an impact on Altis and I hope that we can maintain a close working relationship to capitalise on this for all parties. We already play a big part in the current practical application of their digitalisation goals.

As Altis customers many of you will know we have been working with RoS on an integrated Land Registration feature which will allow automatic creation of the application form at the click of a button. This and the addition of more innovative features will greatly improve the efficiency of the lengthy conveyancing process as is currently normal practise.

I hope that you will agree, the time is right for Scotland to lead the way in shaping the digital future of the conveyancing process. The digitisation of legal processes would have many benefits both for you as a legal professional, and the wider public.

Future digitalisation of the conveyancing process

In the consultation, RoS aim to streamline the application and submission process, something which I am sure you would all welcome. The intention is to redesign the application so that the user is able to fill it out using only the most necessary information providing a much stronger link between the application and the associated deed.

RoS have already been able to digitally auto-populate aspects of the application. They have proposed a standardised deed template to ensure that no vital information is missed and ensure that the application can be submitted using current digital signature solutions (namely the LSS Smart Card).

Perhaps most importantly the consultation explains how the whole system will be able to integrate with your own case management system.

Future impact for your firm

All these features mean that information can be received in a more efficient manner and therefore actioned more quickly at their end, not only saving time in your process prior to submission, but following it too. Together this minimises scope for applications being rejected and mitigates the possibility of penalties, saving time for the Registers and money for yourselves.

The more opportunities there are to digitise your workflow the easier it will be for you to manage and carry out your daily workload, whether that means using Altis to transact or not. The consultation document is not just about which software you use but the future of your profession.

Please do take the time to read and respond to the consultation. If you have any questions about Altis and our work with the Registers of Scotland, then please get in touch.