5 ways to have an easier holiday season with Altis

As great as summer is, it can be a tough time of year to stay on top of work. With members of staff going on holiday, the usual routine tends to go out the window!

If you’re the lucky one heading off to sunnier climes, you have the arduous task of completing holiday notes before you go, and if you’re being left behind you not only have your own work to contend with, but often the added stress of a colleague’s cases. At Altis we have added several great features that take the stress away from going away:

Entrust your transaction to a colleague

Need to have a record of who was responsible for a transaction at any given point?

Altis’ unique ‘Assign a colleague’ feature means you can transfer any transaction over to one of your colleagues for any period, during this time all notifications and correspondence will be forwarded to them. This means you won’t come back to an inbox full of email updates regarding this transaction.

With this feature, there’s no need to worry about reassigning the transactions back to yourself, this will happen automatically on the date you return.

Don’t leave your colleagues in the lurch

Do you find that everything grinds to a halt in your absence? Do your clients get frustrated because their emails get left unanswered until you return? With Altis these issues are easily avoided with our intuitive communications log.

When an email is sent from Altis a hashtag (e.g. #altislegal-1234) is automatically attached to the email, this allows any correspondence with this hashtag to be automatically added to the communications log for that transaction. So if your client emails you about a transaction while you’re away, there’s no need for your colleagues to wait till your back, they will be able to view and respond to emails, keeping up the pace of the conveyancing process and keeping your clients happy.

You can also relax knowing that all your communications are being logged automatically, knocking that extra task off the to-do list.

See what you’ve missed at a glance

Feel overwhelmed when you return from your holidays? 1001 emails and twice as many tasks?

With the activity log and conveyancing checklist in Altis, you’re able to see exactly what you’ve missed and what has been done (or not done!) in your absence. The conveyancing checklist can be accessed from the dashboard, making it even easier to view this information quickly and easily. The activity log within the case file can be filtered down to the dates you were out of the office with every action that occurred available for you to view.

If you still feel the need for holiday notes, now they’re even easier!

Do you spend the week before you leave the office, getting ready to leave the office? There’s no need for holiday notes with Altis, as the progress of every transaction is clearly visible within the case file.

However if you still like to leave a note of things to be done while you’re on your holidays, Altis has a handy notepad in every case file, so that whoever is viewing the case has access to the holiday notes for that transaction.

If/when all else fails…

And if there is a disaster in the office or you just want to see how things are progressing, you can access Altis on your phone or tablet from anywhere in the world (provided you have an internet connection). That means whether you’re at home with the kids during the school holidays, or sunning yourself on the beach in the Bahamas, you can still keep an eye on the practice… if you have to.


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