How Altis can help with flexible working

With the rising popularity of flexible working options across different industries, it might be that you or some of the other staff members in your firm would like to work from home sometimes or to adopt slightly different hours to usual.

Flexible working and conveyancing

Flexible working is a great benefit for employees, but it can sometimes be stressful trying to facilitate it. Not anymore! Altis makes it easy for staff to work from home or adopt flexible hours. Here’s why…

You can access Altis from anywhere in the world

As long as you have an internet connection, you can access Altis from anywhere in the world. So, if any staff members in your practice need to spend the afternoon at home for any reason, then they can get on with their work, no problem.

Assign a transaction to a colleague

Our ‘Assign a colleague’ feature means you can transfer any transaction over to a colleague for any period of time, during which all notifications and correspondence will be forwarded to them.

This means if you are finishing early one day, you can ensure no important emails or updates regarding the transaction are missed. The transaction will then be automatically reassigned back to you when you return.

All email correspondence in one place

When you send emails from Altis, a hashtag is automatically added, and any correspondence with this hashtag will be automatically added to the communications log for that transaction.

So, if a client emails you about a transaction while you’re out of the office, one of your colleagues will be able to view and respond to those emails promptly, keeping your client happy.

Useful notes

Altis clearly records all information about a transaction, making it easy for colleagues to see what’s been happening with it.

However, if there is some additional information not already stored in Altis that you would like colleagues to be aware of when you’re not in the office, you can pop it in the useful Notepad, available in every case file.

Catch up easily

If you’ve finished early one day, it can sometimes be stressful catching up on what you’ve missed during the few hours you weren’t there! But with the conveyancing Checklist, Digital File and Activity Log, along with any notification emails, you can easily see what stage each of your transactions is at and what needs to be done next.

Get in touch

Altis takes all the stress out of flexible working and working from home. To find out more about the platform and how it could help your firm, get in touch today on or 0131 297 3213.