Making the most of your limited time

Hour glass - making the most of your time

At Altis we understand that change can be difficult. Even when the long term benefits will be great, sometimes the short term effects of uprooting a well established process can be daunting. Here we cover some of the main concerns and worries about getting started with Altis, and a few of the ways that we are able to help you manage this procedural shift.


Many solicitors and firms will cite lack of time as an issue when reforming a process. This is understandable, especially in a busy firm with lots of transactions, where speed and efficiency are required almost every minute of the day. However there are a couple of ways that this could be managed in order to integrate Altis into your process with minimal disruption to your productivity.

Our main suggestion if you’re worried about time, is to stage the introduction of Altis into the firm. If your firm regularly processes internal transactions, try using Altis for these transactions exclusively to start with. This allows the team to get used to a new system without the pressure of making a mistake whilst transacting with another firm.

Another method for introducing Altis is to only have one or two Altis users for the first few months. Those users then become the ambassadors that lead the rest of the team into the system.

Both of these methods mean that any queries can be discussed and resolved either internally with colleagues or with a single line of contact to Altis customer service on behalf of the firm.

Another point to weigh up is the short term pain versus the long term gain. Altis is designed to save you time with your conveyancing transaction therefore once in place, those benefits will take effect very quickly.

Reliability and security

There’s nothing worse when you are in the middle of processing an important document or submitting a form, and your software crashes or webpage freezes. As you know Altis is a joint venture between BDP and ESPC and as such, we have adopted various aspects from each business, including the structure of much of our computer hardware.

Altis is a cloud based system and shares its server infrastructure with that of the ESPC website and Member Portal. These systems have an impressive 99.9% uptime record and support over a million views per month, which translates as less than 30 minutes of unplanned downtime over a year with thousands of simultaneous users at any given point. This outlines the durability and resilience of the Altis structure, where the pressure being placed on our servers will be nothing close to that required of the ESPC systems.

The security of your client’s information and legal documentation is obviously of paramount importance as a trusted legal firm. Our hardware and network are co-located at an external data centre which is the same facility that Edinburgh Airport, Virgin Bank and Sky Media use. The hosting centre has 24 hour monitored access, redundant power in the case of a shortage, and fire resistance and suppression measures in place.


Sometimes legal software provides a minimal storage allowance for your data, which can become a concern when looking at adopting new software systems. Altis provides you with plenty of digital storage for your necessary files, ensuring you should never run out of room. Law Society data storage recommendations range from one to ten years, so to ensure you always met these guidelines, Altis provide ten years storage for all data.

This is covered by the cost of your transaction, after that time we can keep the data for you or we are able to destroy it. Alternatively you can choose to have it exported to be stored in your own file system.


We understand that you will need lots of support in the beginning, and we are on hand to help you every step of the way. We are also committed to supporting our clients and users for as long as you are using Altis. Our dedicated customer support team are on hand from 8.30am until 5.30pm from Monday to Friday to help with any questions and queries you might have about Altis, either the functionality of the system itself or any other general queries you might have.

We also have a fantastic user help site which contains an encyclopedia of information about Altis; every query you could think of is answered, as well as a ‘Getting Started’ guide, ‘Tech Tips’ guide and tutorial videos for various parts of the system. This help site is updated on a regular basis and will always be available for reference and additional support.

Hopefully having outlined the points above will put your mind at ease somewhat about certain aspects of Altis, however if there is something in particular you would like to know more about, please get in touch.