Q&A with Laura McFadzean from ELP Arbuthnott McClanachan

Laura McFadzean, Director at ELP Arbuthnott McClanachan, has been using the Altis platform for a couple of years, and just recently committed to putting 100% of her conveyancing transactions into it. We caught up with her to find out about her experience with Altis and what changes 2019 may bring to the legal technology industry.

Can you describe your experience with Altis so far?

We became involved with Altis fairly early on in its life. I heard a lot about it from ESPC and The Edinburgh Conveyancers Forum meetings – it sounded great and I was very keen to get involved.

I think it was a year past November that we made a big push to try and start using it properly and put a lot of our transactions on it. I could see the potential it had but, at that stage, partly due to the fact we didn’t have the time to invest in putting our templates on the system, it kind of petered out.

However, more recently I’ve been much more involved with it and I’m feeling positive about it. I’ve spent a lot of time recently getting templates on the system which has made a massive difference and I’m instinctively using Altis now, which is great.

How many transactions do you currently put through Altis?

I set myself a target that all settlements from the 1st April onwards would be on Altis and I’m sticking to that. I’m currently getting to grips with it properly and becoming really familiar with it so I can show other people in the team how to use it. I’m pretty confident that that will come in due course.

What would you say the main benefits of Altis are for users?

I think the main practical benefits are when the templates are on there and you’re familiar with the system, things are ready at the click of a button, which has been really helpful.

The electronic storage and having everything in one place is great. Once we are all up and running with it, having all my colleagues’ transactions on there should hopefully make it easier when it comes to covering holidays. I think that really will make a difference.

Do you think Altis has taken your feedback on board in order to make positive changes to the system?

Very much so, I feel that the people at Altis are really listening which is great. They’ve said from the start that they know they need to design a system which works for people. They know they need to sit down and find out what’s working well, what’s not working so well and what they can fix. They realise that this platform is for conveyancers to use and it’s going to have to work for them.

How have you found the training and onboarding process with Altis?

It’s been great – they seem to be very happy to engage with people and spend a lot of time to take them through it, which is very positive.

What do you think the main trends and changes in the legal technology industry will be in 2019 and beyond?

The main change I can see happening is regulations will come in that prevent us sending information by email – there may come a time that anything involving confidential information needs to be sent in secure ways. Initially it will be a big change for people. So, if things can be sent securely through Altis then that will make a huge difference.

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