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Altis and BDP are sister companies, which means that as well as sharing offices and resources, the two systems work in tandem with one another. Information can be passed to and from both platforms, providing harmony between property and conveyancing teams.

BDP is a leading Estate Agency management software. It is simple and intuitive to use yet incredibly powerful, and features advanced automation which is uniquely adaptable to your estate agency. It powers website listings, electronic displays, portal listings and internal back-office processes.

A visionary e-conveyancing software, Altis has been built in alliance with Scottish conveyancers and the Law Society of Scotland, to support digitalisation, transparency and automation in the residential conveyancing process. Altis is a cloud-based transactional platform that allows information to be shared instantly between both sides of the transaction, easily and safely.

The benefits to your firm of using both Altis and BDP are outlined below:

  • Keep everyone in the loop and strengthen the exchange between property and conveyancing teams by using BDP’s ‘Send to Altis’ feature
    • Feed property information and relevant documentation straight into Altis at the click of a button, meaning no double keying from the get-go!
  • Transparency with your client is very important to maintain, and this is made easy with the joint client log in. Here’s how:
    • The client is guided seamlessly from marketing all the way through to completion of a sale, with a personalised branded Altis/BDP client login
    • Keep your clients informed with as much detail as you choose
    • A live link from Altis and BDP ensures all the information provided in the client login is up to date
    • A bespoke option designed by ESPC Design, allows you to personalise what your client sees, ensuring complete brand consistency

These main features increase the transparency between all parties; meaning more efficiency in the team, and more confidence from your client.

If you’d like to find out more about either BDP or Altis, click the logos below or get in touch!


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